The purpose of this practice is to deliver high quality oral surgical care to our patients in a manner which is professionally rewarding.

Patient Care:

Our surgical team will provide the highest quality oral surgical care in the most comfortable and pleasant environment possible. This environment will benefit both patients and their families. Our efforts will ensure that a patient’s treatment in our practice will be a positive experience.

Professional Team:

Our surgical team will consist of the very best people, who have a desire to be part of a dynamic goal-oriented group, in which initiative, contribution, interest and dedication will be recognized and rewarded. The members of this team will have high standards of personal integrity, will be flexible, self motivating and responsible. Their responsibility and contribution will always exceed their job description.

Each team member has a responsibility to the team manifest by continuing advice and assistance so as to enable other members of the team to succeed. The goal and result of this effort will be well served patients and a successful practice.

Practice Promotion:

We will strive to promote this practice in two ways:

  • We will seek referrals from high quality and ethical dentists and physicians and their staffs.
  • We will seek referrals from satisfied and enthusiastic patients and their families.

We will get referrals from both groups by providing our patients with a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgical services while maintaining our commitment to excellence. We will foster long term “referral relationships” with doctors and staffs by positive interactive communication and cross referral for comprehensive dental and medical care.


Our profitability shall serve as a barometer to the successful implementation of new concepts into our practice. In the short term, growth will occur as sound business principles are applied to our existing structure. In the long term, growth will be reflected by an increased pride in our profession, by the excellent quality work we provide our patients, and by the strong relationships we build with referring doctors.

Continuing Education:

Our profession is rapidly and constantly changing. Therefore, to maintain high standards, we encourage continuing education for all members of the professional team. Through participation in continuing education each team member is afforded the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.


I will strive to provide each team member with the leadership, guidance, support and positive environment necessary for the accomplishment of their personal and professional goals.